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Matchbox Girl by Spencey
by Spencey

I don't critique often, but this one really caught my eye. Your shading and coloring is so beautiful and I would bet would have made a ...

Oh wow, I have to say this is the coolest and most original idea I have ever seen done for a GTS story. It is a very refreshing pace an...

I will start off with the lack of a background really hurt this one. If the background was added, I would give this a better mark. But ...

Commission: Sayoko Growth by EduartBoudewijn

Now first off, I love the chalkboard detail! It looks so realistic, so that is a great pro. Also I like how this one has a background n...

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Hey everyone, well still no update, but been trying something new and hoping with all my fiery heart, it will work! I got something from the wholesfood store and Red got me some B12 vitamins to go along with it. Only been taking them for a few days, so don't know yet. But with any luck... maybe? So I really, really hope I can finally call off this problem I' having.

I mean right now it's not just here with you guys, I just want to be able to create art in general. So again, if anyone can tell me something I can try that isn't pricey or requires a stupid doctor visit or fish pills... then please let me know. On a different note, I hope everyone has been having a good summer. Well besides all this rain that's been happening :( So between the deadly heat and random rain, it's been really annoying.

So maybe August will be better or maybe... worse :fear: This is why I wish I had the power to control weather or to just make any ice cream appear from thin air XD

Also I don't know how many out there know about this, but :icondocgrowth: asked :iconredacegod350: if he could draw his OC from One Day: Mother. And he said yes, it's looks really good and you all should check out the drawing and the story it was inspired by if you already haven't.

:iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:

:icondocgrowth:'s Drawing 

Mature Content

Giantess OC : Emma Jordon by DocGrowth
   :iconredacegod350:'s Story   One Day - Mother
Warning: Contains Typical Giantess Material and some mature themes as well. If this isn't your cup of tea, please use the back button. You've been warned!
"Please Don't Forget to Leave a Comment."
Hi, my name is Emma Jordon, I'm 5'3 feet tall and I am a single woman of the age of... well I'm 28 years old, but I like to think I'm still 20 years old... "Hehe", and I am also a mother with two daughters. My oldest is Jamie, who is 9 years old and is such an angel, with my second daughter is Carly. Who is only just turning 7 tomorrow and sometimes can be a real handful to be honest.  I had my first kid at the age of 18 years old and my second one at the age of 21. Where is the father you ask? Well... I rather not speak of him. But my children now? I can't stop talking about them and they are everything in my life. Even now, though it is so hard. But my story starts a a few days back, in fact it all started, One Day...
In an upscale neighborhood. Where all th

:iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:          :iconcommentplz:

Both are really good :peace:

I believe this is it for my update, I'm so sorry there is no good news or at least not yet... maybe? Well I will be back on as soon as I can and again, please send me luck that this somehow works or something allows me to finally start drawing and stuff again! Please!!! :please: Well till next time everyone, bye :wave:

=Old Stuff, But still look through if you haven't already or you missed something=

Hey everyone! Blue here and I have been done with my summer job for a few days now, but being going to cons and will be going to the biggest anime con near me. So sorry to say, work will be put off once more... But going to try my very hardest when I get some free time next week. I'll get there, I will get there Sweating a little... But to everyone waiting or... really still waiting. Thank you for your ungodly patience Sweating a little...

I hope to bring forth some complete projects and to not let this get so-so bad again. I will try is the key word. Well other than this little tiny update, I wanted to let everyone know, :iconexpansionwriters: have hit 600,000+ pageviews a few days ago! So go congratulate them if you can. Also my God of Death, :iconredacegod350: has posted two new stories this month, so if you have read them, please go and read them and like he always says, :iconcommentplz: :D (Big Grin) The links are below.

  Contest - Let's Make Her Grow: SummitWARNING! This Story contains Giantess material! So if this isn't your cup of tea, please use the back button now! Please remember to comment.
=Contest Entry=
In the upper parts of the beautiful Ski resort, Ski Chamonix, France. It was just such a perfect day for any events in the snow. A fresh foot or so had felled in the pass day or so and it had become quite crowded. However, with all this crowding, some wanted more privacy with their vacation.
That is were a young petite woman, Roisin. Hailing from the beautiful land of Ireland. Was skiing across the more uncharted trails of the beautiful slopes. She was no stranger to the snow or anything with it, as she had been on them since she was very young. Although this was the first time she had to use the more uncharted paths, due to the all the folks visiting this year...
To say the least, she was a bit upset over this. But she kept her cool and was determined to enjoy her stay at this beautiful resort.  While skiing,
  The Daibijin Serena[Warning] This story contains GTS (Giantess) material and the likes. Some of which I don't normally do. If this isn't your cup of tea then please leave. You have been warned and I do not own Pokemon or anything related to it! It is owned by is respective owners as this is just a Fan-fiction and nothing more!
-Please Leave a Comment, as that is always appreciated. Have a Fun summer everyone!
====[The Daibijin Serena]====
It was a beautiful summer day in the land of Kalos. And some familiar faces were taking advantage of this beautiful day. While taking a break from Gym Battles and Showcases. Bonnie found a spot that would be the perfect place to take advantage of this summer vacation.
It was a beautiful beach resort on a large island just off the coast of the nothern region of Kalos. As they traveled by boat, the resort quickly came into view. Ash and friends were quickly amazed by how lovely it looked and how large it was as well.
"Oh wow! How did you know about th

And speaking of new works added, :iconlotp75: has added the newest chapter to my requested story, "The Incredible Growing Goth Girl", hurray!!! You can find the link to it below were the other three are. He has also posted another story, that I haven't had time to read yet, but I will post a link to it anyways, Willow's Growing Perspective: Chapter 01    Willow Corner is on her way home from school, the sixteen year old girl thinking back on her school day. At a height of four foot six, not many people paid her any attention, which she didn’t mind. With her shy disposition she really doesn’t like to socialize with a lot of people. Her hazel eyes are hidden behind her square framed glasses, which sit comfortably on her oval shaped face. Her red, wavy and very voluminous  hair falls just past her shoulders, with her heavily freckled complexion dotting her fair skin.
    Willow looks around at how the leaves are changing on the cool fall day. Her gray jacket is unzipped as she is feeling a bit on the warm side today, exposing her light blue, button up blouse. Her blouse is a bit on the baggy side, which not only hides slightly plus sized figure, but her C-cup breasts as well. Her black skirt reaches just past her ankles, still allowing her white converse sneakers to be easily visible with each step

[New Contests]
Lastly, we have two contests going on. One is by :iconlotp75: which can be found here New Contest    I am holding a new contest that is open to everyone. This time it is going to be based on a country song called “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” by Joe Nichols. (If you haven’t heard it, I recommend you do.) Whenever I heard this song, I always pictured a woman outgrowing her clothes with each drink she had as the night wears on. Contest will be open until September 30th. If you need more time, send me a message and I will make a note of it.
    This time I am asking that all entries take inspiration from this song for a giantess growth story. You are free to take creative liberties if you wish, but I only ask that you try to be as descriptive as possible about the growth process. No instant growth, or saying “her clothes tore off as she grew to fifteen feet tall”. Try to aim for “the fronts of her flats start to tear open as her long, thick toes start to push through, slowly uncurling as more space is being presented
and :iconexpansionwriters: is trying to come up with one  A contest in Celebration for 600,000 pageviewsHey there, it's :iconbabermirza: this time. Well, we just hit 600k pageviews, which is amazing. The watcher count keeps increasing to absurd levels and our members are still as awesome as ever.
I have two things I want to talk about today. First up is contests, as you might have expected. We of expansionwriters would like to hold another contest, especially in celebratory times like these, but you all know our track record when doing these things.
So I've come to ask: Is there any specific contest you as the member would like to be a part of? Or do you just not care about contests and collaborations? Please tell us below. We can do just about anyhthing really- a collaberation like the 150k collab ( ), a straight up contest with judges, a tournament style format, a two man-two part project, or others.
And of course, you don't need to worry about prizes. I can pretty much do all of that by myself- after
in celebration to their goal reached of 600K. So if you have any ideas on what they could do for a contest, please drop by and give them your thoughts. Also please be serious about your ideas.

So that's four great GTS themed stories right there and two contests watchers :meow: Be sure to comment and fav them all please, especially the comments! Writers and Artist need the comments, it allows us to keep making stuff :D Well with all that said, that's all I have for updates. I hope everyone has a good 4th of July holiday and I'll be seeing you all when the moon becomes bathed in blue... so pretty :meow:


Hey everyone, it has been quite some time since I've updated on anything and I am just so sorry everyone. :iconredacegod350: has been trying his best to keep me motivated. Things have been rough for me as I know a lot of you have read his journal entry. But I've been helping him in dealing with all of it. We both are doing fine if anyone is curious. But I guess onto why I'm writing this.

I have a temporary summer job coming up and it will be where all my focus will be. But it won't last too long and once it's over, I'll be right back to trying to finish my so many projects I have yet to finish and I am again, just so sorry to everyone. I know I have my own life and I shouldn't worry, but it's just something that's been bothering me. As I have said a few times, my main problem is because of my ADD and I don't have insurance to get the meds I use to be on and haven't found a natural product that works yet. I really rather not have to go back to my old meds as it really takes a toll on me...

So anyways, this summer job will last till near the end of this month, but like I said, once it's over. I will put all my effort into finishing Sakura and May respectively. Thank you to everyone who is still with me or really just still watching me :( I really appreciate it and shows who are the real fans on here and friends. That's all I wanted to say and I'm sorry this isn't much good news, but I didn't want to continue letting everyone sit in the dark. 

I hope to soon have some stuff finally posted and I know so many of you all do too. Before I go, please check out :iconcollinsj12:'s story series, "Gigantic at 5'4" if you already haven't. It deals with a lot of shrinking and growing related stuff and is written pretty well and in the later chapters gets even better ;) So show some support to him and leave comments :meow:

That's gonna be the end of this, thank you all so much for the support you've shown me and wish me the best of luck. :iconredacegod350: is going to be helping me as much as he can between all of this so maybe there will be hope ^^; See you all later and I hope to be back with some good news finally :wave:


Check out my Requested Story that the talented :iconlotp75: wrote for me.

The Incredible Growing Goth Girl: Chapter 01    Nine year old Nari is just an average Korean girl who is sitting in the middle of her fourth grade class, doing nothing more than listening to her teacher’s lesson. She is completely unaware of the fate that the gods have planned for her. She prefers to by her goth name, Artemia, which translates to moon goddess, and by the will of those gods, she is going to become just that, a goddess.
    Artemia starts to shuffle in her seat, as her clothes start to feel a bit odd on her body, she would even go as far as to say that they were beginning to feel a bit tight on her. But she passes this off as her being restless as she continues to take notes. She has no idea of the transformation that her body is starting. The next thing she knows is that her platform boots are starting to feel a bit snug on her feet, and they are slowly becoming tighter by the second. Her wrist bands are twisting and contorting as they begin stretch out a bit. Her pant legs are rising up

The Incredible Growing Goth Girl: Chapter 02    As Nari is looking at Areum, she begins to feel that increasing familiar sensation again. Feeling as though she is moving, she begins to feel a weak sense of vertigo. Just as her bones start to ache, she can feel herself being pulled in all directions. Nari reaches over to her friend, smiling as she knows that she is in for another round of growing. Her pituitary gland is already pumping more growth hormones throughout her body as she is having another growth spurt. Areum looks over at Nari, a smile creeping on her face as she begins to see the slight changes starting to happen to her friend’s body.
    “You’re growing again, Artemia?”
    Nari nods, trying to keep her smiles as she deals with the slight discomfort of her bones stretching, elongating as her body is starting to grow again. Immediately she can feel her boots becoming tighter as her long toes continue to push up against the front, curling as they are slowly running


The Incredible Growing Goth Girl: Chapter 03    As the bus is approaching Nari’s and Areum’s stop, Nari starts to untie her boots, unable to wait any longer so she can give her aching feet some much needed relief. As she slides her boots off, she breathes a sigh of relief as she spreads her long thick toes, just as the pressure on her feet is released. As she is looking down, she notices that the material of her socks are spread a bit thin, to the point that she can easily make out each of her toes.
    Areum crinkles her nose as the smell of her friend’s feet is no longer being hindered. “Geez,” Areum says as she is wafting her hand near her face, “couldn’t you have waited until after we got off the bus to remove your boots?”
    “Sorry,” Nari apologizes as she starts to blush, fully aware of how strongly her feet actually smell. “My boots were really killing my feet. You try wearing a pair of shoes that are several sizes too small.&

The Incredible Growing Goth Girl: Chapter 04    Nari has just finished her shower and getting dressed. Looking down at herself, she frowns at her borrowed clothes, as they are not to her preferred taste. She sighs as she thinks to herself, ‘It is only for tonight, and at least they fit me,’ trying to justify why she is wearing them. Her borrowed shirt, fitting slightly loose, falls just below her waist. While her pants are floor length, covering her feet, as her long, thick toes poke out from underneath.
    As Nari grabs her old clothes, now too small for her to wear comfortably any more, she starts to make her way out of the bathroom. As she starts to walk out, she stops when she sees herself in the mirror. She is actually to see more than just her head being reflected, as she can now see her shoulders, but that is not why she stopped. Her hair is what caught her attention. The red and blue streaks, which she absolutely loves, look as though they are losing their coverage. Her roots are actually

Chapter 5: COMING SOON!
Be sure to :+fav: and :iconcommentplz: on them and to check out the rest of his awesome gallery!


Also, :iconbioyugi: is doing something really cool and needs some talented folks to help him with his massive project he is working on. So please head to this link to see what he is working on and if you may help out -

Expansion-based Visual NovelGrowth Academy (alpha version 0.1) is out!
What is Growth Academy? Growth Academy is an 18+ Visual Novel/Dating Sim centered around expansion fetishism for the purposes of entertainment, artistic exploration, and sexual expression. The basic premise is as follows:
You're Hotsure Keisuke. You've been transferred to Seichou Gakuen (Growth Academy), a high school for gifted students. Except apparently by gifted, they mean the student body has some really odd shapes to it. Choose your waifu and win her heart before the school year ends!
It is in its developmental infancy and is growing over time into a more complete game. What exists now is a proof of concept and beginning.
Now Enrolling!
The project needs support! Writers, artists, musicians, and even signal boosters and idea men. No game of this nature can exist without content, and so content providers are in high demand in order to see this come to fruition.

 and also :iconredacegod350: said he will be returning next week for sure! So I hope that makes everyone a bit happier as well. Thank you for visiting my page and have a good day :meow:

I will see you all later Ninja Skillz 


Current Projects /

*Snivy Human Form Stage 2 (Working on Concept)

*RWBY GTS drawing collab with :iconredacegod350:'s RWBY GTS story.

:iconfans-of-gts: special 50K Celebration Drawing (Working on concept)

*Seven Deadly Sins Anime Drawing (A Possible Idea, no promises)

*:iconexpansionwriters: special 500K Celebration Drawing (Working on concept)

*May's Mood Problems 30% Complete (Working on it right now 12% complete?)

*GTS Manga August and Kuro. 10% Complete (Still planning it now)

*1st Year Ann. Drawing (Unknown)

*Special Anniversary Drawing for Red (On Hold till 5th Annversary, New Plans on it :D (Big Grin))

:iconbioyugi: Character design (May start to work on it finally soon)

*Trigun Giantess 10K Comic 30% completed

*Birthday gift for :iconredacegod350: (30% complete)

*Kon's BE Desire 65% complete. (Started Back on it and almost have the next page done.)

*1K Sakura comic 97% complete. (I need to redo the last page, it got some stuff spilled on it... but really close to finishing it)

NOTE I will not be taking Requests at this time.

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Red Orb :iconredacegod350:
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